So, Nowdays I am using Android 10 on my device and I am enjoying it, but whenever I see those stock icons it kinda looks ugly but sadly as of now there is no custom launcher which supports Android 10 and we can use custom icon packs. So I figured out one mod called Pixel Launcher Mods ( the name is pixel launcher mods but it works in quickstep and other launchers too ) and actually this mod helped me to change the icons and make my experience better.

As you can see how much pretty it looks with these icons ( Alexis btw ) as compared to those ugly stock icons.

How to Use Pixel Launcher Mods

So Using Pixel launcher mods is quite simple, First you need to download it From Here. Now just Open it and select your launcher ( quickstep )

Now after selecting the launcher You just need to click on apply icon pack and select your desired icon pack

And we finally applied custom icon pack to the default quickstep launcher without any problems, but if we would have used any other launcher then we could not use the new gesture because as of now only quickstep supports it.

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